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    One thing I've learned during my blogging adventures: You eat with your eyes first! Photography is everything when trying to capture a tutorial for your readers, or make your products look desirable on Etsy.com. And what's the most important part? Lighting!
    Follow this little tutorial to make your own Photo Light Box for the perfect lighting.

    Cut a border of 2 inches on each side of the tri-fold display board (the two sides and the back). Make the front of the box (the part you'll take photos from) have a one inch border. Use the pieces you've cut out to add a bottom to the light box (or if you started with a cardboard box instead of a tri-fold display board, you won't need to do that).
    Use a ruler and an exacto knife to make straight edges. You should have two pieces that look similar to the photo below:
    Use masking tape to attach the two pieces to form a box. Create more support by attached extra pieces of cardboard to the joints (it also covers up the tape with white cardboard). Cut white poster board to fit into the box, forming a curve at the back. You want the back of the box to appear seamless from the white poster board, like the image below:
    Finally, cover the two sides and the back with white muslin fabric, attaching it with masking tape. Use a lamp with a "natural light" light bulb to prevent a yellow glow on the items you are taking photos of. The final light box will look similar to the image below: Ta-Dah!

    Ta-Dah! And that's all it takes to a great close up photo! The white background is a classic look and it really makes your item pop!
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